The quality and thoroughness of the development process is important to both
MedDevelopment and the hospital.

We assure that the development and construction process is closely monitored, the building is delivered on-time and the physician tenants have a positive experience during the build-out phase.  MedDevelopment principals bring their qualifications and experience to bear on the project from inception through completion.  This is an important advantage of MedDevelopment, since the nature of complex construction projects necessitate specialized knowledge and close communications between the hospital, developer, contractor, architect and engineer.

While the development process is complex and must be suited to each transaction and location, MedDevelopment focuses its efforts within the framework of the following critical steps.

Feasibility and Development Plan

Before our clients proceed with the construction of a new facility, MedDevelopment prepares a detailed Feasibility and Development Plan for the building.

The Plan contains a detailed analysis of the size, tenant mix, design, development, cost, marketing and use of the project.

The Plan is based upon meetings with members of the healthcare provider or hospital, service providers that are to be located in the facility, governmental agencies, architectural and construction experts, and other relevant parties. Upon completion, MedDevelopment meets with the client to present the Plan for review, input and approval.  Generally, the Plan includes the following:

  • Building Needs Assessment, determined through meetings with all interested parties.
  • Market Verification, to establish market conditions and rents.
  • Site Investigation, regarding entitlements, municipal requirements and site conditions.
  • Marketing and Ownership Plan, assuring that physician desires are considered.
  • Preliminary Building Design.
  • Development Timeline.
  • Budget and Rental Rates, including build-out allowances and lease terms.
Entitlement, Design and Leasing

MedDevelopment has worked with a number of regional and national construction and architectural firms that have extensive experience in the construction of healthcare projects.

At the same time, we understand that healthcare clients often desire to involve local businesses in their construction projects.  In order to address these concerns, MedDevelopment is flexible in determining which contractors and architects to utilize, and can assist the hospital in determining the actual capabilities and experience of local firms.

Throughout the development and pre-construction process, MedDevelopment works closely with the client, general contractor and architect to address the issues that are typically present in development projects, including those described below:

  • Project Planning, including overall project schedule and budget.
  • Site Design and Development Phase, with management of the governmental review and approval process and a focus on positive discourse with the community.
  • Building Design Phase, with tenant fit-out specifications.
  • Lease Form and Legal Review, as well as use restrictions to support the hospital’s mission and goals.
  • Construction Document Phase, which involves several layers of value engineering.
Construction and Delivery

Timelines and progress reports are updated frequently, in conjunction with regular on-site meetings involving the client, contractor, architect and MedDevelopment.  The following matters are addressed:

  • Bidding, including subcontractor bidding and selection.
  • Construction Revisions, with a focus on anticipated cost and benefit, as well as impact on the schedule.
  • Tenant Improvements, including working with tenants who prefer to identify their own contractor for fit-out work.
  • Delivery, which includes tenant and client involvement in the final puch-list.  Once the building is completed, Certificates of Occupancy are obtained for the building and individual tenant suites.  At that time, a walk-through with the tenant, contractor and MedDevelopment is scheduled to identify punch-list items and a schedule for final completion.

In addition, once the project is delivered, MedDevelopment provides property management services through is affiliate, Medical Property Management.  Dr. Ellis remains active in the property management area to provide physician-to-physician contact with tenants of each facility.


MedDevelopment maintains the management of its medical properties through its affiliate, Medical Property Management.

Our property management philosophy rests on control and oversight through on-site personnel and centralized management. In-house property management is consistent with the goals of MedDevelopment as a long-term investor in its properties. This arrangement also assures that any potential management issues are brought to the attention of our principals.

Dr. Ellis is actively involved in management issue that involves physician practices or which may impact hospital missions or interests to assure that those issues are addressed in the context of his understanding of the complexities of hospital/physician relationships.

For on-campus medical office buildings, MedDevelopment works closely with the hospital to provide a seamless appearance, including hospital-standard signage, with the goal of simplifying property identification and access for patients and other building visitors.

Second generation tenant fit-out is scheduled and closely monitored to minimize disruption to other healthcare providers in the building.


While MedDevelopment was originally founded as a third-party owner option for our clients, we also perform independent development and analysis services.

Many of our hospital clients, while electing to retain ownership of their real estate, utilize MedDevelopment to supplement their own facilities and real estate departments.

By combining our industry knowledge and experience with a collection of industry partners, MedDevelopment can quickly provide senior management with a relatively accurate construction cost analysis, or lease rate, for their new facility. Through this service, we determine the specifics necessary for development unique to any location in the United States, and even provide a preliminary design based on actual on-site evaluations.

If a client is interested in retaining ownership of a new medical office building on its campus, MedDevelopment can provide the management team with an analysis of the issues related to development of the site, size of the facility, and base lease rate. MedDevelopment is also available to oversee the entire development process on a fee basis to assure that property expertise is focused on all relevant aspects of the process.

Related Capabilities

While MedDevelopment is focused on healthcare property development, our affiliated companies have a breadth of experience in commercial real estate that encompasses a wide range of projects.

This experience stands as evidence of the capabilities that MedDevelopment brings to each of its healthcare assignments. Projects with which our affiliates have been involved include the following:

  • Development, ownership and management of 4,000 multi-family units in the Midwest and Southwest.
  • Development of several major mixed-use land projects, with aggregate build-out value in excess of $250 million.
  • Multiple public-private projects involving commercial and multi-family redevelopment
  • Urban core redevelopment projects with office, hotel, retail and residential applications.
  • Ownership and management of one million square feet of industrial space.

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