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MedDevelopment has a number of unique attributes that position it as the developer of choice for healthcare properties.


MedDevelopment has been in existence since 1989, and has consistently demonstrated by performance its ability to produce Class A facilities on time and on budget. We work hand-in-hand with the local administration in recruitment, physician interaction, and operating cost reduction to produce a facility that works for the healthcare provider.Personal Involvement. The principals of MedDevelopment are personally involved in the planning, development and ownership of our projects. We treat each of our healthcare facilities as a partnership with the users and local hospital and remain committed to our healthcare properties over the long-term.

Sophisticated Principals

The principals of MedDevelopment are highly experienced with sophisticated real estate transactions. Together they have over 100 years of experience in all aspects of commercial real estate. They understand and have resolved issues such as complex ground leases, cross easements for access and parking, shared access to MOBs and adjacent hospitals, shared foundation structures and use restrictions aimed at preserving the integrity of the hospital’s mission.


Medical office buildings, especially when located on the hospital campus, should by nature be viewed as a single entity by the community. MedDevelopment views its association with the hospital as a partnership and believes that both parties have similar incentives to thrive in a mutually symbiotic relationship.

Integrity and Value

We are committed to bringing integrity and a focus on cost effectiveness and value engineering to each project.  By developing open and trusting relationships, and keeping rents as low as possible, we maximize the potential success of the healthcare providers, thereby increasing the success and stability of our projects.


  • 2021 Design-Build Institute of American, Mid-America Region Award for Advent Health Shawnee Mission Gateway Medical Office Building.

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